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Vintage Miracle jewellery combination Brooch and Pendant – Celtic Cross and Triquetras

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SKU: RF-0002-1

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Gold toned brooch/pendant decorated with creamy white faux semi-precious stones made by Miracle Jewellery possibly 40 or 50 years ago.

The metal is probably pewter plated with bronze.

The brooch secures safely with a safety lock. Diameter 480mm

Gold toned chain is 24 inch length (61cms)


Out of stock

Product Description

Rare Finds
One of a kind, vintage and antique pieces of Celtic Heritage and Historical content. Special items that are unique and possibly not to be found elsewhere.
A leading jewellery design company specialising in Celtic, Scottish and Irish designs. The company originated in Birmingham, started by A. Hill and Company in 1946. Their creations were taken from Celtic history, Scottish agate jewellery, Charles Rennie MacKintosh designs and other historical inspiration. They used Sterling Silver or Pewter with reproductions of semi precious stones from bohemian glass. Miracle closed it's Birmingham operation in 2013 and was taken over by St.Justin of Cornwall. Their range at present is quite small and older pieces of Miracle that are no longer made are very collectable.
    The Triquetra with three points became known as the Trinity knot and was used to indicate the Holy Trinity in Christianity. The symbol pre-dates Christainity and the Celtic Druids celebrated the number 3 as a mystical and perfect number. It is thought this design originally represented the continuity of life.
Celtic Cross
    The Celtic Cross carved from stone can be found throughout the British Isles with some beautiful examples in Ireland and Scotland, many  ten feet or more high. The ones in existence are dated back to the 5th Century.
There are many theories to the symbolism but it can be assumed the Celtic cross symbolises the bridge to higher energies and planes of existence. It represents the relationship between the celestial realm (vertical axis) and the earthly plane (horizontal axis). The circle around the cross symbolises both the Wheel of Life and the Sun. It is easy to see why the Celts easily adapted their ancient religious beliefs to the ideas of Christianity.

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Miracle Jewellery


Celtic Knots, Crosses, Trinity Knot, Triquetra


Ireland, Scotland, Wales


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