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In the modern era we have a fascination and desire to understand our own histories. Finding a Coat of Arms links us to our ancestors.

Heraldry emerged in the 12th century, out of a need for recognition between armoured knights during combat. This emergence happened seemingly simultaneously throughout Western Europe. Known as the ‘gentle science’, heraldry is recorded in a mix of Norman and Latin, which made up the official language in England at the time.

In-depth research and investigations rely on our extensive reference library and database. As most Heraldic books are only in written forms without illustrations it is necessary to understand the ancient languages used. We have the expertise to understand this coded language and accurately interpret each Coat of Arms description. Our reference library contains the official books designated by the Royal College of Arms in London plus many others includes those explaining the complex rules of heraldry, numerous volumes recording Scottish Clans and Tartans, surname reference books to help locate name origins covering all areas of England and Ireland, and also specialist texts documenting names of families who first emigrated and settled in the US.

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